A multi-lingual community- based non-profit organization working for the growth and development of the entire immigrant community. The Center’s diversity encourages the sharing of culture, customs and language that promotes a nurturing community of unity and trust. pakistan cryptocurrency

Our Mission
MVIEC is a multi-service organization serving Immigrant and Refugee families through outreach and educational programs, in order to assist them in becoming productive members of the community. 

To achieve our mission, we strive to:

Promote cultural diversity and respect among all cultures and peoples
Provide intergenerational education with a strong focus on literacy, language skills, employment and opportunities for long term stability.
Offer elders services and resources needed to improve their quality of life.
Provide naturalization services, access to benefits and civic involvement for lawful permanent residents. forex pak
Collaborate with community based organizations to improve the impact non-profits can produce with their limited resources and staff.

The MVIEC is your source for:
   English Language Programs
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
  Financial Literacy
  Workplace English 
  • Interviews
  • Applications
  • Resumes
  Citizenship Programs
  • Citizenship Classes
  • Naturalization Assistance
  Youth Writing Workshops
  • Improve Writing Skills (Grades 6 to 10)
  Outreach Programs
  • Elder Outreach Services