Language Progams

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

“Education is the most powerful tool you can use to change the world!”
-- Nelson Mandela

MVIEC’s curriculum is created in-house following Massachusetts’s state ESOL curriculum and the Common Core curriculum. 

Classes begin by focusing on mastering basic vocabulary such as personal data, alphabet, colors and numbers, adjectives, family members, household items, body parts, emotions, days of the week, how to tell time, months of the year, seasons, clothing items, money, food, occupations and more.

Students move on to grasp culture and social aspects of the language such as greetings and farewells, introductions and US holiday customs. They will learn life skills and functions such as common commands, completing personal data forms, making phone calls, preparing for a visit to the doctor. Grammar and present, past and future verb tenses follow. The entire curriculum is focused on providing basic level English necessities so that students can begin to navigate on their own.

The skills students learn in ESOL classes enable students to reach their goals, whether it is finding a job or securing a better job, taking part in school activities with their children, becoming a U.S. citizen, preparing for additional education or job training, making informed decisions about one's health care, or becoming an active member of the community.

ESOL Classes
MVIEC provides two Level 1 and two Level 2 ESOL classes with up to 15 students in each class, and  Citizenship Clasess with up to 15 students. Most classes operate on 12 week cycles and students will be assessed at the end of each cycle to determine progress. ESOL classes are held 2 mornings or evenings per week, 2.5 hours per class. Instructors work with the entire class, as well as identify individual needs of students. Teachers communicate weekly with the ESOL Coordinator to identify additional resources for students in need.

If you are interested in joining a class, please call 978-683-7316 or email our ESOL Coordinator, Karen Sheridan, at

Youth Writing Workshops
The MVIEC Youth Writing Program is open to 6th - 10th grade students.  They will participate in a 12 session workshop where they will be exposed to various types of writing and explore many styles and examples.  Hands on work will include writing assignments, group sharing and project rewrites.  Students are encouraged to rely on their personal experiences by writing about families, and telling their stories as recent immigrants and as children of first generation immigrants and refugees.  Students will learn to master their projects and gain greater confidence in writing and communicating. At the end of this program the students will publish their works in our annual Merrimack Valley Immigrant and Education Center Review

If you are interested in joining the workshop, please call 978-683-7316 or email our ESOL administrator, Karen Sheridan, at