Citizenship Programs

Community Empowerment and Citizenship

“There can be no daily democracy without daily citizenship.”
-- Ralph Nader

MVIEC’s Community Empowerment and Citizenship programs encourage leadership and civic involvement while supporting immigrants through the entire citizenship process. From gathering the necessary information and documents needed to complete their applications to meeting individually with prospective citizens and assisting them as they prepare for their exam and interview, the program gently guides its participants through a seemingly overwhelming and intimidating process ensuring that they stay the course and attain their citizenship status.

In addition to supporting participants individually, this program also provides citizenship application support within a group context, by offering citizenship classes in the morning and evening and encouraging peer support.

MVIEC partners with other organizations to make additional citizenship classes available throughout Greater Lawrence. We anticipate completing over 75 citizenship applications this year.  Other immigration services are available, including renewing permanent resident cards, changing status and requesting Visas for family members.  We continue to work with participants after they receive their citizenship status to educate them about their civic duty and their rights as voters.

If you’d like to register for Citizenship classes, contact Karen Sheridan at 978-683-7316 or